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Dr. Kara dougherty, DNP, RN, FNP-C, CLNC

What is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

A certified legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse who uses existing expertise as a healthcare professional, plus specialized training in legal services, to consult with clients on health-related cases. Clients include, but are certainly not limited to, attorneys, insurance companies, utilization review firms, government agencies, private corporations, and hospitals. Few clients are well-versed in the terminology, subtleties, or complexities of healthcare issues; therefore, they lack the knowledge and expertise to adequately review medical records. When a request is made, the legal nurse consultant acts as a specialized member of the litigation team whose professional contributions are often critical in achieving a fair and just outcome for all parties.

Owner & Consultant

Dr. Kara Dougherty far exceeds the registered nurse title required of legal nurse consultants. She comes to the table with over 20 years of experience with 14 of those years as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Her nursing background consists of executive healthcare leadership, retail-based care, medical-surgical, home health, skilled nursing, bariatric, and emergency care. Dr. Dougherty continues to serve in the clinical arena thereby keeping abreast of current standards of care. Also, as a Family Nurse Practitioner with prescriptive privileges, Dr. Dougherty is well-versed not only in the nursing aspect of care but also the medical component.

Additionally, she holds the highest clinically-focused degree available to advanced practice nurses - the Doctor of Nursing Practice. Dr. Dougherty's pursuit for higher education attests to the fact that she is a highly-motivated nurse-clinician who strives to achieve personal and professional mastery. Her extensive educational and professional achievements provide her with the knowledge and skills needed to surpass the competition.


  • Investigate cases for merit
  • Summarize, translate, and interpret medical records
  • Search healthcare literature & analyze research for validity and reliability
  • Prepare interrogatories
  • Coordinate & attend independent medical examinations
  • Develop written reports for use as study tools by the client
  • And many more services....just ask!